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Martinez - Test Results Article 10.4-5.2014

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page 2 weekend edition, oct. 4-5, 2014 E3 announces test results of Ecos3 with pulse, discusses Martinez, California, water initiative MEMPHIS, Tenn. – E3 Services and Solutions Inc. held a press conference Wednesday at its west coast R&D Center in Pacheco, California, announcing the com- pany's development of water treatment and reclamation technologies for residential and commercial customers as well as the mining and oil and gas industries. Over 40 people were in attendance and included local political representa- tives, investors, news and community sponsors. During the conference, E3 demonstrated the ECoS3 with Pulse prod- uct. The live demonstration involved se- curing water from Martinez Bay, processing the water through ECoS3 with Pulse and serving the finished water to guests. Participants were encouraged to test and taste the difference between the mineral water on hand and E3's treated product. In a nearly unanimous result, par- ticipants preferred the Martinez Bay water that had been treated by the ECoS3 system with Pulse. Mark A. Skoda, CEO of E3 stated:"We demonstrated our production level product and encouraged our guests to taste the water. After some initial resist- ance, everyone joined in and found the re- sult to be excellent. While we were able to create a high quality drinking water, it was our test results that demonstrated the re- markable result of our system." Dr. Michael Green commented: "While our approach for this demonstration was fo- cused on producing potable water, our ECoS3 platform is a scalable solution for processing water used in fracking, mining operations and geothermal applications. In addition, we are able to clean up polluted water due to chemical spills or other con- tamination. Our production units will treat between 600 to 1,000 gallons per minute of contaminated water or nearly 1.5 million gallons per day." E3 also presented to the Martinez City Council and Mayor's office at their open meeting. During the public comment pe- riod, E3's chairman, Talbott Howard, thanked the city and its representatives for supporting the press conference and their respective attendance. He also announced a proposed effort to establish a water pro- duction effort using E3's technology while also employing several of our veterans in the effort. Water would be produced from the Martinez Bay and sold to local farmers. Talbott Howard, Founder and Chair- man went on to say, "We are so pleased to have the community support here in Con- tra Costa County and the city of Martinez. Our offer to assist local farmers and veter- ans in producing water for irrigation is a model we would like to replicate through our community based strategy and chal- lenge brand, Go Heroic. Over the coming days, we will work with local leaders to evaluate the viability of our proposal and establish a go forward plan." Aquatic bacteria / Pathogen Petroleum Hydrocarbons, (oil, diesel, gasoline) Suspended Solids (microorganisms, silt, sand) Total Dissolved Solids (with Pulse) 1200 ppm 79 ppm 16.7 ppm 16,000 ppm 2 ppm Non detectable Non detectable 1,600 ppm Initial Reading After ECoS3with Pulse Test results were as follows and are indicated in parts per million (PPM): E3 Services & Solutions (www .e3space.com) is a global green technology company focusing on energy, the environ- ment and economic benefit for our clients, shareholders and the community at large. E3 embraces the philosophy of natural capital- ism in which business and environmental in- terests increasingly overlap, and in which businesses can better satisfy their customers' needs, increase profits, and help solve envi- ronmental problems all at the same time. Our technology spans water remediation and cleanup for the oil & gas, mining and geot- hermal industries; harvesting technologies for algae feed stock production; environmentally friendly lubricants and technologies for indus- trial, automotive and consumer markets; alter- native fuel and energy production technologies; and environmental design & engineering. E3 employs Environmentally Conscious Technologies and certifies those technologies through our .ECT compliance program. About E3 Services and Solutions Inc. "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything in the universe." John Muir

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