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Houston We Have A Solution - Q1 .ECT 2018

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ECT Q1-2018 OVERVIEW "ECT is creating a unique tech- nology portfolio while providing services to key industries with high water & energy demand. This approach drives our diversi- fication but leverages a common strategic view of the market and allows ECT to offer services that benefit our clients, our share- holders, and society." - Talbott G. Howard, ECT CEO The Overview • Challenges for the 21 st Century • Houston We Have A Solution • Our Business Pilots • Learning from Past Successes • ECT Investment • Opportunity Challenges for the 21 st Century The water crisis of the 21st century is upon us and as populations increase, enormous pres- sure is placed on worldwide watersheds. Affordable clean water is becoming a pressing technological issue facing the world, and by the year 2025 it's estimated two out of every three people could be living in water-stressed regions while world demand is increasing by 140% or 97.5 million cubic meters of water per day. Water demands for agriculture and industrial processes will continue to increase while under extreme aggravation from worldwide droughts. Industrial demand has now exceeded human consumption resulting in shortages, tougher continuing Federal regulations and mandates regarding industrially produced water recycling. Additionally, agricultural requirements are driving regulations and water restrictions. Endan- gered wildlife is taking precedence over agricultural requirements further stressing the agri- business. Runoff through irrigation is polluting rivers and bays and impacting the quality of the fisheries. On a consumer level, fresh pota- ble water is becoming scarce in many areas of the globe. Locally, San-Diego California in 1988 one ounce of Gold cost $350.00, 1 barrel of Petroleum cost $50.00 and 1 acre foot of water cost $164.00 dollars. In 2014, San Die- go bought futures on one acre foot of water at $5000.00 per acre foot versus $164.00 in 1988. In context of these market issues, ECT has begun to acquire those technologies and inven- tors that align with our business strategy and will enable ECT to achieve superior financial results while improving the environment. Our core business philosophy revolves around the following points: • ECT Services & Solutions is a global green technology company focusing on energy, the environment and economic benefit for our clients, shareholders and the community at large. • ECT embraces the philosophy of natural capitalism in which business and environmen- tal interests increasingly overlap, and in which businesses can better satisfy their cus- tomers' needs, increase profits, and help solve environmental problems all at the same time. • Our technology spans water remediation and cleanup for the oil & gas, mining and geo- thermal industries; harvesting technologies for algae toxin removal; and storm run-off waste water and environmental design & engineering. • ECT employs Environmentally Conscious Technologies and certifies those technologies through our .ECT compliance program. ECT Services & Solutions Inc. ECT - Environmentally Conscious Technologies 2/27/2018 BECAUSE A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS

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